Tips & Tricks

Common Uses, How To's and Safety Tips

Safety Warnings

  1. Always use two hands on your power drill.
  2. Always use a power drill with two handles.
  3. Always use safety glasses.
  4. Always locate hidden wiring in the wall and in blind areas.
  5. Always locate plumbing.
  6. Always turn off all power and water to the work area.



  1. To prevent binding, reverse the bit a little ways, then drill in again.
  2. Never overtighten a Switch Bit set screw. "Snug is Good."

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Switch Bit and Quick Switch Adaptor

Standard wall framing is 16” from center of a 2x4 to center of the next 2x4. Most drill bits will not fit between the framed sections with a standard hand drill so a straight hole is impossible to drill. The Switch Bit Hex Adaptor, and the hand drill measure an average of 14” and will fit between the 2x4’s to make a straight hole.