Serrated Installer Bits

Serrated installer bits for wood applications

The Serrated Installer Bit is both economical and versatile. It comes standard with a three flat non-slip grip and fish accommodation holes in the drill and shank.

Recommended Use:

This bit is best in wood and dry wall.

Item #:Type:Application:Head Diameter:Shank Diameter:Length:
EC25018Serrated Installer BitWood1/4"3/16"18"
EC25024Serrated Installer BitWood1/4"3/16"24"
EC25036Serrated Installer BitWood1/4"3/16"36"
EC25054Serrated Installer BitWood1/4"3/16"54"
EC25072Serrated Installer BitWood1/4"3/16"72"
EC37518Serrated Installer BitWood3/8"3/16"18"
EC37524Serrated Installer BitWood3/8"3/16"24"
EC37536Serrated Installer BitWood3/8"3/16"36"
EC37554Serrated Installer BitWood3/8"3/16"54"
EC37572Serrated Installer BitWood3/8"3/16"72"
EC56218Serrated Installer BitWood9/16"3/16"18"
EC56224Serrated Installer BitWood9/16"3/16"24"
EC56236Serrated Installer BitWood9/16"3/16"36"
EC56254Serrated Installer BitWood9/16"3/16"54"
EC56272Serrated Installer BitWood9/16"3/16"72"