Carbide Tip Installer Bits

Carbide Tip Masonry Installer Bits

This bit is a high quality carbide tip masonry bit. It works well in concrete block, tiles, brick, and most other masonry products. It is the best fit for difficult situations. This bit comes standard with a three flat non-slip grip and fish accommodation holes in both the drill and shank.

Recommended Use:

Works well in concrete, tiles, brick, and most other masonry products.

Item #:Type:Application:Head Diameter:Shank Diameter:Length:
EM25018Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/4"3/16"18"
EM25024Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/4"3/16"24"
EM25036Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/4"3/16"36"
EM25054Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/4"3/16"54"
EM25072Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/4"3/16"72"
EM37518Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry3/8"3/16"18"
EM37524Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry3/8"3/16"24"
EM37536Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry3/8"3/16"36"
EM37554Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry3/8"3/16"54"
EM37572Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry3/8"3/16"72"
EM50018Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/2"1/4"18"
EM50024Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/2"1/4"24"
EM50036Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/2"1/4"36"
EM50054Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/2"1/4"54"
EM50072Carbide Tip Installer BitMasonry1/2"1/4"72"