High-Speed Installer Bits

Heavy Duty Split Point High-Speed Installer Bits

This bit comes in handy in a variety of situations. It is the best when encountering nails, steel plate, as well as different kinds of wood. High Speed, Heavy Duty, Split Point. A three flat non-slip grip and fish accommodation holes in the drill and shank.

Recommended Use:

This bit is best for nails, steel plate, sheet metal, as well as all types of wood and plastic.

Item #:Type:Application:Head Diameter:Shank Diameter:Length:
EHS25018High Speed Installer BitSteel1/4"3/16"18"
EHS25024High Speed Installer BitSteel1/4"3/16"24"
EHS25036High Speed Installer BitSteel1/4"3/16"36"
EHS25054High Speed Installer BitSteel1/4"3/16"54"
EHS25072High Speed Installer BitSteel1/4"3/16"72"
EHS37518High Speed Installer BitSteel3/8"3/16"18"
EHS37524High Speed Installer BitSteel3/8"3/16"24"
EHS37536High Speed Installer BitSteel3/8"3/16"36"
EHS37554High Speed Installer BitSteel3/8"3/16"54"
EHS37572High Speed Installer BitSteel3/8"3/16"72"
EHS50018High Speed Installer BitSteel1/2"1/4"18"
EHS50024High Speed Installer BitSteel1/2"1/4"24"
EHS50036High Speed Installer BitSteel1/2"1/4"36"
EHS50054High Speed Installer BitSteel1/2"1/4"54"
EHS50072High Speed Installer BitSteel1/2"1/4"72"