Lighted Bull Nose Tip

Accessories for Fiberglass Fish Sticks

Lighted Bull Nose Tip


Bright and long lasting this small LED Bull Nose Tip will light up some of the darkest places. Stays lit 24 solid hours or until you turn it off. The Lighted Bull Nose Tip makes rod location and wire attachment a snap! Now you’re in and out quickly and efficiently to move onto the next job.

Threads into the Eagle Tool Fish Sticks, Greenlee 1/4 in., and Klein 1/4 in. fiberglass fish rods.

This tip is a very bright addition to your fish rod kits.

Find Rods and Wires Easily

Lighted Bull Nose Tip



Easy to Use

Lighted Bull Nose Tip




  • Installing wires above ceilings and through walls
  • Installing wires under carpeting


  • 3 wire attachment holes in the lens
  • Very bright LED that stays lit inside wall
  • Small diameter will fit through 3/8" holes or larger
  • Connect easily to fish rod